July 24-28, 2024 | Bolimów Primeval Forest

July 24-28, 2024,
at Babie Lato Homestead, in the Bolimów Primeval Forest.

Knowledge : Skills : Initiations : Spirituality : Development : Community

Conscious Man The festival created with contemporary men in mind.

Mission and Vision

The Conscious Man is a festival created for contemporary men who are on a journey, constantly working on themselves to become better, fuller individuals every day. It is for men who are not satisfied with mediocrity but aspire to build themselves in line with their values, their needs, in harmony with the truth they carry in their hearts.

Conscious Man is a festival for courageous men who are not afraid to admit their mistakes, who are unafraid to doubt, who fall, learn lessons, draw conclusions to rise again and stride through life with their heads held high. It is a gathering of men who have the courage to feel, experience, break down, die, only to be reborn anew.

We create this festival with the modern man in mind and all areas of life that need our attention. We aim to invite more awareness into these areas so that life can be lived better, fuller, and more authentically.

Conscious Man

We invite awareness into all areas of our lives because, just as we live, we all deserve to be happy and live exactly as we would like.

First edition Conscious Man

The first edition of our festival showed us the tremendous potential we carry within ourselves as men and what happens when, with courage and awareness, we come together in such a large gathering of men. We all experienced incredible healings, transformations, gained new knowledge, received new tools to positively change our lives according to our needs and the truth we could reach through specially designed processes, initiations, workshops, and practices.

In the process, we dispelled many stereotypes about what it means to be a man and how men can spend time together. We learned firsthand that in a properly prepared space, we don't need to hide behind our armor, put on various masks, drown our true feelings and emotions in alcohol, but we can be who we really are. With all our weaknesses, doubts, sometimes lost in today's world, which are not ridiculed but instead are accepted, met with understanding and acceptance. There is room for everything in the circle. For what is difficult and what is beautiful. We can be with each other in authenticity, in truth, in kindness, and mutual support. And that's when miracles happen...

Several months after the end of the first edition, we still receive messages and testimonials from you about how much our meeting has brought and continues to bring positive changes in your lives. This delights us enormously because we create the Conscious Man festival for precisely this reason!

The tale of

Some talk about a crisis of masculinity in our times, but we see it as an opportunity for the birth of a new masculinity – the birth of a confident, self-aware man who is in touch with his heart, body, and soul. A man who allows himself to experience life fully, embracing every part of it, both the beautiful, joyful moments, and the challenging, sad ones.

A man who stands in his truth and power, who knows his strengths but is also aware of his weaknesses and is able to acknowledge, accept, and embrace them. A man who takes responsibility for himself, his feelings, and emotions to build healthy, balanced, and trusting relationships. A man who is a guardian and caretaker of his loved ones, his family. And above all, a man who is no longer alone and will never be alone again because he is part of a new, healthy male community, a brotherhood that has brothers who will follow him into the fire, who will speak uncomfortable truths to his face, and whom he can lean on in times of need.

We invite awareness

We invite awareness into all areas of our lives because, just as we live, we all deserve to be happy and live exactly as we would like. In power, in truth, in connection, in health, in abundance, in strength, in wisdom, with loving people around. For all of this to have a chance to manifest in our lives, we need the right Knowledge, the right Skills; we need to transform everything that no longer serves us, allow those parts of ourselves that are not compatible with our new, full, conscious self to die.

We need to experience an Initiation that will become a turning point in our lives, through which we will exit the old board of our destructive habits, beliefs, behaviors, and step onto a new level. A level of consciously building ourselves to unleash our full potential as a man, as a person, as a human being. The one we long for and, at the same time, the one we deeply feel within ourselves.

So, we invite you to the second edition of the Conscious Man - New Man Festival

Taking place from July 24th to July 28th, 2024, at the Babie Lato Homestead, in the Bolimów Primeval Forest.

Far away from civilization and our daily duties, surrounded by magical, wild nature, we will embark on a journey together into our personal power, our inner wisdom, into the strength and truth that each of us carries in our hearts. We invite you to a five-day, profound gathering, where, alongside other men, we will create a space where no one is higher or lower, and we are all equal as Brothers, collectively forming a new, healthy male tribe, supporting, learning, and drawing from each other.

Conscious Man is

Conscious Man is a workshop-process festival where we delve into all aspects of a modern man's life. We integrate spirituality with business, profound personal transformations with pragmatic skills, the world of energy with the world of the mind, the strength of the physical body with the vast potential of consciousness.

Conscious Man is five days of lectures, workshops, meetings, learning, initiation, transformation, and collective celebration of life. It features Polish and international teachers, guides, lecturers, specialists, artists, pioneers with rich experience and established positions in their fields.

Conscious Man consists of three main zones: the Knowledge Zone, the Skills Zone, the Transformation Zone, a special zone called 'Sensitive Wild Men' with a separate program for young men, and even more themed zones, including the Cold Exposure Zone, Woodworking Zone, Bodywork Zone, Sweat Lodge Zone, and the Specialists Zone.

Conscious Man also involves gatherings by the fire with incredible artists, singing, dancing, drumming, where together we will create and journey on the waves of music and sound.

Conscious Man also includes shared, male, tribal Initiations, which are sorely lacking in today's Western world but provide an opportunity to leave behind everything that no longer serves us. It's a chance to powerfully open a new chapter in our lives and, from a new starting point, create it in alignment with our truth and potential. During our gathering, you will have the opportunity to experience indigenous rituals and ceremonies such as sweat lodges, pipe ceremonies, trance dance, Maori Haka dance, or immerse yourself in the ice under the guidance of Wim Hof method instructors.

We believe that our proposed program, our guests, and the spirit in which we conduct our festival are the beginning of a new quality of masculinity. A quality that we will take back into our lives to positively transform ourselves, our relationships, and the world we live in.

Above all, we believe that this is a meeting that will permanently dispel the enchantment of our relationships with other men. It's an opportunity to feel part of a male community, to stop fighting against each other, and instead, support one another and build a new, healthy male tribe.


Maciej Marczak

For the past 12 years, I have been involved in men's circles as a participant, co-creator, and facilitator. For the last 6 years, I have been operating under the banner 'Na Skrzydłach Wolności – Wings of Freedom,' organizing and leading developmental workshops, camps for men, lectures, ceremonies, initiation processes, circles, concerts, meetings, and power journeys to South America. How could I describe myself? A traveler, seeker, explorer of physical and non-physical worlds, an enthusiast of life. For over 11 years, I have been creating a happy relationship with my beloved wife Ewa, and our three-year-old son is the fruit of our union.

Thirteen years ago, a turning point occurred in my life after shamanic activations of the Munay Ki rituals, originating from the Andean traditions of Peru. Since then, I have dedicated my life to the broadly understood path of the heart. In my work, I combine traditions, techniques, and methods from South America, North America, and the East. I infuse all of this with my own insights, information, and ways of working that continually come to me. Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure to meet, collaborate, and learn from many wonderful teachers, tribes, shamans, and healers.

After many conversations with participants in my events, with other men, and observing the general trend towards self-improvement among men, I felt that it was a good time to manifest a vision that had been taking shape in my heart for the past few years. This gave birth to 'Conscious Man – the festival of the New Man,' which, for me, is a significant next step in building male consciousness, establishing connections, and creating a healthy male community.

Bartosz Broda

Over the past 12 years, I have worked in advertising, gaining experience in boutique agencies, corporations, and even in my own agency. I have experience in building and managing diverse, multi-skilled teams. I independently seek solutions, quickly adapt to changes, and maintain a positive attitude in critical moments, enabling the team to overcome challenges willingly.

I have been a participant in men's circles and various other gatherings for men. I am an enthusiast of combining spiritual practices with the challenges of everyday life. For the past 10 years, I have been in a happy relationship with Martynka, and for over 2 years, I have been testing my abilities as a father.

The Conscious Man festival, co-created by me, is an event that naturally appeared in my life thanks to Maćko.

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