July 24-28, 2024 | Bolimów Primeval Forest


Below we present all the necessary organizational information regarding the festival. These details will be updated regularly.

The ticket price for CONSCIOUS MAN includes:

Participation in all lectures, workshops, and experiences included in the program

Access to all zones within the festival area

Access to the camping area

Parking space

Access to drinking water

Access to the outstanding gastronomic zone

New valuable connections

Unforgettable epic adventure

The largest ceremonial bonfire in this part of the universe

Specialized knowledge, practical skills, profound transformations

Participation in a milestone step for humanity :)

The directions to Babie Lato:

Transportation to the festival is at your own discretion. If coming from Łódź, you can take the SKIERNIEWICE/ŁOWICZ interchange (18 minutes away), head towards Łowicz, and turn right towards Nieborów/Bolimów. If coming from Warsaw, you can take the WISKITKI interchange (18 minutes away), head towards Sochaczew, turn in Aleksandrów towards Nieborów, and in Bolimów towards Skierniewice. How to get there from Bolimów? In Bolimów's market square, turn towards Skierniewice. After traveling 4.2 km (over the overpass above the highway), slow down and turn left before the wooden sign that says 'Zaścianek Babie Lato.' Do not turn earlier at the sign 'Ziemiary 0.5.' Further, take the gravel road downhill to the intersection. Turn right at the intersection. You will see a wooden thatched roof in the distance, and that is exactly it. Leave your car in the parking lot.

It's easy to reach Zaścianek from various locations:

From Płock (via Wyszogród, Sochaczew – 81 km)

From Mszczonów – approximately 40-30 minutes (via Skierniewice – 40 km)

From Rawy Mazowieckiej (35 km)

From Żyrardów (via Wiskitki, Aleksandrów – 25 km)

From Łowicz (24 km)

From Sochaczew (23 km)

Skierniewice is very close by (10 km)

To get there from the direction of Skierniewice, head towards Sochaczew. Once you enter the forest, you still have about 8 km to cover. When the wall of tall trees ends on the right side, slow down, and after about 250 m, you'll find a wooden sign that says 'Zaścianek Babie Lato.' Turn right. Further, take the gravel road downhill to the intersection. Turn right at the intersection. In the distance, you will see a wooden thatched roof, and that is exactly it. Leave your car in the parking lot.

Questions and Answers

Can you come with children?
We welcome youth aged 12-18 only under adult supervision. Tickets at the price of 90 PLN can be found under the name 'Młoda krew' (Young Blood).
Can you come with a dog?

We don't have a designated area for dogs, and despite our love for animals, it's better for them to stay at home.

Should I bring a printed ticket?

There is no need for that; just the code on your phone is sufficient. We recommend downloading the ticket in advance, as there might be an issue with network coverage.

Is there parking for cars?

Yes, there is free parking available for passenger cars at the festival site.

Is there a place to charge phones?

Yes, there will be a station on the festival grounds where you can charge your phone.

Is there drinking water?

Yes, please bring a bottle with you.

Is there a camping area?

Yes, the camping area is included in the ticket price.

Is there a gastronomic zone?

Yes, at the festival site, you will find food trucks (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), juices, coffee, and sweet snacks.

What should I bring?

Sleeping pad, sleeping bag, meditation pillow, flashlight, mosquito repellent, your own cup/water bottle, cash for the gastronomic zone, rain gear (just in case), instruments.

How to get to the festival?

You can find detailed information on how to get there here: https://consciousman.pl/en/informacje/

What time can I arrive?

Participants are welcome from July 6th starting at 13:00.

Will the workshops be translated?

Most of the workshops and lectures will be conducted in Polish. The communal Maori Haka led by Taimana Muo Sing will be translated into Polish. Meetings with Richard Sion Ra and Huitzomitlem will be in English.

Can I buy a ticket (pass) at the entrance to the festival?


Are tickets refundable?
We do not accept returns, but you can transfer it to someone else (we do not check identity).
Are there registrations for lectures/workshops?
Registrations will be conducted only for the sweat lodge ceremony (4 sweat lodges conducted simultaneously, led by four leaders).
Where can I find information about ticket prices?"

All information regarding tickets can be found with our partner: https://www.biletomat.pl/bilety/2023-conscious-man-12433/

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