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Conscious Man

CONSCIOUS MAN features three main zones: Knowledge Zone, Skills Zone, Transformation Zone, and even more themed zones, including Cold Exposure Zone, Construction Zone, Bodywork Zone, Sweat Lodge Zone, Health Zone.

Conscious Man is


W Knowledge Zone znajdziesz wykłady i prelekcje dotyczące:

Building Healthy Relationships


Effective Tools for Life Change


Alternative Medicine/Health



And much more


In Skills Zone, we will learn:

How to practically build financial independence

How to unleash the full potential of your body

Wim Hof's breathing methods

Self-defense, martial arts

Natural building techniques

How to take care of your health

Survival skills in the wilderness

First aid in emergencies

And much more


In the Transformation Zone, through special processes, rituals, and practices, we will focus on:

Building a healthy relationship with oneself

Healing past traumas

Releasing and transforming difficult emotions

Connecting with one's spiritual and energetic potential

Shedding masks that we wear, which separate us from ourselves

Healing the relationship with the Father

Building a healthy, male community

Liberating the Voice



Michał Shen Ksiądzyna

"Emocje – potęga podświadomości"

Jacek Szczęsny

"Podróż Szamański - jak zacząć i w ogóle po co?"

Zbigniew Mlak

"Mężczyzna na terapii"

Mikołaj Szerment

"Playfight - Sztuka Połączenia"

Roman Praszyński

"W STRONĘ OJCA. Samouczek współczucia"

Robert Rient

"Ceremonia ITO - Intuicyjnego Tańca Opowieści"
"Ceremonia spotkania z duchem opiekuńczym"

Łukasz Falkiewicz

"Courage as a tool of transformation"

Wojciech Eichelberger

"Integration of the feminine aspect (Anima)"

Michal Ratajski

"Masculine Stirring"

Maciej Szyszka

"The Dimension of Breath: Discovering Strength and Peace"

Łukasz Deroń Simran

"Kundalini Yoga. Yoga of Awareness"

Piotr Matłok - Lightbringer

"Sweat Lodge Ceremony"

Michał Pyziak

"A Grounded Man in Relationship"

Tomasz Smaczny

"Backpack for Life"

Arek Piechowski

"The Power of Masculine Presence: A Meditative Journey to Emotional Balance"

Michał Shen Ksiądzyna

"Emotions – The Power of the Subconscious"

Michał about his meeting:

Emotions are the universal language of the subconscious, and understanding them grants access to the power dormant within us. During the lecture, participants, through practical exercises and learning the mechanisms governing their own bodies and minds, will be able to rediscover their emotions and learn to consciously use them to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Mastery over emotions enables the effective pursuit of goals in life and business, as well as the building of lasting relationships.


The creator of the SHEN method, Founder and President of the SHEN Foundation, has been exploring the mysteries of the spirit, body, and mind for years, combining his findings in the SHEN method. He shares his knowledge through writing and conducting individual sessions and workshops.

The SHEN method is a path to conscious living through the transformation of subconscious programs. A vast portion of our lives happens automatically, beyond consciousness: we make choices, create situations, manifest traits that cause suffering, confusion, and guilt. However, we can consciously choose differently: we want to be healthy, happy, fulfilled, and achieve our goals.

SHEN, through working with the 10 emotions, allows access to the subconscious, changing beliefs, programs, conditioning, and patterns that create suffering and unwanted outcomes we struggle to change. The result is the creation of the life we desire instead of getting stuck in unconscious traumas. The SHEN method enables a life that is free, strong, and healthy, the life we choose and want.

You can find more about Michał and his work here:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/michalshenksiadzyna
FB: Emotion Path

We invite you wholeheartedly!

Jacek Szczęsny

"Shamanic Journey - how to begin and why bother at all?"

Jacek about his meeting:

Shamanism is perhaps as old as humanity itself. Shamanic practices are intertwined with specific cultures and traditions, as diverse and colorful as the forms of life on our wonderful planet. However, there are common elements... anthropologists gathered them, who eagerly dispersed around the world in the 1960s studying indigenous cultures from various regions. The emergence of so-called "core shamanism" is attributed to the American anthropologist Michael Harner, the founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

One of the fundamental shamanic rituals in all cultures was contacting the spirit world in search of knowledge, healing, and guidance from spiritual beings - this ritual was the journey undertaken by the shaman - a person who often spontaneously and "upon request" entered an altered state of consciousness (also called the shamanic state of consciousness) to obtain desired information for individual persons or entire communities. This skill, which may seem almost mythical, is actually accessible to each of us.

The use of shamanic techniques in therapeutic work was explored by the Swiss psychiatrist/psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, who lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Jung was convinced that the symbolism appearing in shamanic journeys is part of the so-called collective unconscious, a part of the human psyche that, according to Jung, contains the basic patterns of human thinking and behavior (we all come from one "matrix").

If you are interested in personal development through exploring the spiritual world and gaining access to the wisdom of spiritual teachers and spiritual healing (or, as some prefer, access to the collective unconscious) but don't know where to start - this workshop is for you. I will show you how to start practicing shamanic journeys - so you can soon experience the value of these experiences yourself.

What you need to participate in the workshop: willingness, an open mind, rattles, blindfolds, a bit of comfort (blanket/pillow), a notebook, and something to write with.


I am 48 years old. For over 25 years, I have been walking the path together with my wife Magda, sharing with her common professional and personal passions. Together, we are parents to Justyna (18) and Olaf (22), as well as owners of our dog Polly and our cat Hermione. Our common passions include travel, good food, cinema, theater, various physical activities, personal/spiritual development (5 Rhythms; Tantra; shamanism), and exploration of visible and invisible worlds...

To maintain a healthy relationship, we also have areas that we do not share with our partner. In my case, these are sailing, Jiu-Jitsu, and motorcycle riding.

We live and work in Germany - in the former GDR territories. Professionally, for over 20 years, I have been working with people... I am a medical doctor by education, specializing in internal medicine, cardiology, emergency medicine, and intensive care... After many years of working in a hospital as an interventional cardiologist in the hemodynamic laboratory and in the ICU, I decided to leave the hospital.

For the past 5 years, Magda and I have been running our private medical practice. Additionally, I am a developmental trauma therapist (NARM); I have also completed training in Somatic Experiencing shock trauma therapy. In my work with people, I combine knowledge from various fields and areas... My professional dream is to work completely outside the healthcare system (which absolutely does not mean that I reject Western medicine).

You are warmly invited!

Zbigniew Mlak

"A Man in Therapy"

Zbigniew about his meeting:

Is it true that men seek therapeutic help less often than women? Does the myth still persist that men don't cry, don't know what pain is, and when they need help, they go out with their buddies for a beer to talk? And if they do come for therapy, who are they and what problems do they face in today's world?

This will be a lecture about my experience with men whom I meet in therapy, about what they come with, what they talk about, what is difficult for them, and how they cope. It will be about how therapy is not shameful or a sign of powerlessness and weakness, and finally, it will also be about how sometimes it's worth not waiting any longer and going to therapy to help oneself.


Born in 1970. Educated as a theologian and psychologist. I worked in meat factories, served as a chaplain in the Bundeswehr, went on missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan, and sold windows. Currently, I live with my wife in Germany and work as a psychologist, psychotherapist, and supervisor. For several years, I have been conducting developmental workshops for men.

You are warmly invited!
See you all at Conscious Man!

Mikołaj Szerment

"Playfight - The Art of Connection"

Mikołaj about his meeting:

Imagine embodying your primal nature with all that it entails: instinct, wildness, and deep connection. Imagine engaging in conscious interaction with another human being from that very place.

Playfighting is a rediscovery of the beauty of physical play, just as animals and children do. It's a path to authentic relationship with your own fear, integrating the strength of your body with the gentleness of your heart. It's a primal, deep form of communication with yourself and others, engaging you fully.

It's an opportunity to nourish your body, develop emotional intelligence, and discover the power of connection. All of this within a safe circle space that holds, supports, and accepts you as you are.

Feel the beauty and freedom of being human!


I am a physician, specializing in Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. A fulfilled father. Desiring to heal holistically for many years, I organize camps and workshops and conduct individual sessions where I combine my medical knowledge with years of movement and psychological experience.

My main intention is to help people live in health and fulfill their potential through comprehensive changes in daily behaviors and building connections with themselves, others, nature, and the world. I use tools such as Movement, Playfight, Qi Gong, Possibility Management, Conscious Play, Adventure Therapy, and Experiential Learning for this purpose. For the past 4 years, I have been studying and practicing Playfight passionately at its source, with Matteo Tangi, and for a year now, I have been proudly spreading it in Poland."

You can find more about Mikołaj and his work here:
FB: Mikołaj Szerment - Medycyna Stylu Życia
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/mikolaj.szerment
WWW: https://mikolajszerment.mystrikingly.com/

You are warmly invited!

Roman Praszyński

"Toward the Father: A Guide to Compassion"

Roman about his meeting:

A few words about the impact of the father-son relationship on the life of an adult man. What is major trauma, and what is minor? How do we cope with it? Recognizing defense mechanisms. Compassion as a path to healing.

Several simple exercises to connect with your own compassion through the body. Individual and partner work. Guided visualization: Meeting with the father.

Understanding hidden psychological and emotional mechanisms. Experiencing the healing power of compassion.


Roman Praszyński, therapist, circle keeper. First husband of a second wife, father of three children.
For many years, I was a journalist and writer. After turning fifty, I changed my profession. I accompany people in transformation. It's a journey of the heart. It gives me fulfillment. And a means of living.
I utilize methods from process-oriented psychology, internal family systems, systemic constellations, and indigenous traditions.

I facilitate developmental workshops for men. I invite you to individual therapy.

You can find more about Roman and his work here:
FB: Men's Workshops

You are warmly invited!"

Robert Rient

"Ceremony of ITO - Intuitive Dance of Stories"
"Ceremony of Meeting with the Guardian Spirit"

Robert about the ITO Ceremony:

Ceremony with the intention: health beyond any shame. If we can make the smallest movement with our bodies, it means we can dance the Intuitive Dance of Stories (ITO). ITO embodies freedom, joy, ecstasy, and emotional release of tensions stored in the body, offering a chance to embark on a shamanic journey through movement. ITO originates from ancient shamanic trance dances, drawing from tribal ecstatic dance, intuitive dance, and therapeutic bodywork. The ceremony enables a shamanic journey to fulfill one's intention.

Robert about the Ceremony of Meeting with the Guardian Spirit:

This will be storytelling shamanism. 'When I love, I keep alive,' said the spirit. You will listen to a living story, and if you listen well (recognizing that in the spirit world, the whole body is the ear), you will grasp the healing spell, and something will stir deep within you. 'I am not subject to words,' said the spirit, and took you to a place: 'I give power to words.' With the sound of power words and drumming, there will be a chance for a journey, shedding unnecessary layers and reaching a place of healing.


Robert Rient - writer, dancer, activist, shaman. Author of books such as 'The First Agreement: Basics of Shamanic Practice,' 'Plant Visions, or Fifty Medicinal Plants and One Mushroom,' 'Flash: Around the World - Around Yourself,' 'Witness,' 'It Was About Love,' and the novel 'Jeremi's Ghosts,' nominated for the Nike Literary Award. Initiator of recognizing the Odra River as a legal entity and establishing the Odra Tribe. He runs the School of Shamanism, Basic Shamanic Practice Courses, workshops on reclaiming lost parts of oneself, ceremonies, and rituals. Author of the podcast 'Quiet Love.' He is a permanent collaborator with the magazine 'Sens.' More at www.robertrient.pl

You can find more about Robert and his work here:
WWW: www.robertrient.pl
FB: Robert Rient
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/robert.rient/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/@Rient
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/show/5XouozoMWNIMHcegEyq4nU

You are warmly invited!

Łukasz Falkiewicz

"Courage as a Tool of Transformation"

Łukasz about his meeting:

The workshop 'Courage as a Tool of Transformation' is a unique journey into oneself, where courage becomes the key to inner change and building a strong sense of self-worth. Focusing on the technique of releasing emotions inspired by the works of David R. Hawkins, participants will learn how to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that block their spiritual and personal development.

In this workshop, we will discover the power of courage as a spiritual tool. Courage is not just the absence of fear but a conscious choice to confront internal challenges, ultimately becoming a way of life. It is the decision to move through fear, embracing it as part of the growth process. Through practical exercises and meditations, participants will learn how to use courage to transform their lives, building high self-esteem and a sense of self-worth in the process.

This workshop is ideal for those who wish to deepen their spiritual path and uncover previously unknown reservoirs of strength and self-assurance within themselves. By practicing the technique of releasing emotions, participants will gain a tool to effectively work through their emotions, while learning how courage can become their ally on the journey towards a fuller and more satisfying life.


My professional journey began in the world of business and finance, where as a banker and entrepreneur, I sought the path to fulfillment. However, what seemed to be the road to success gradually revealed its limitations, leading me to a turning point in my life.

In search of deeper meaning and healing, my career path began to evolve towards spiritual development.

My personal struggles with depression, which became a catalyst for change, revealed that our greatest challenges hold our greatest strengths. It was then that I discovered that I am the architect of my life, the healer of my soul. My path, illuminated by the teachings of David Hawkins and the practice of emotional release technique, became a bridge that allowed me to transition from limitations to unlimited possibilities.

I discovered the invaluable connection with my inner self and how it influences our entire lives. In my therapeutic work, where emotional release technique and hypnosis intertwine with the energy of love, empathy, forgiveness, and compassion, I demonstrate how powerful our mind is as a tool. By connecting with our inner selves and understanding ourselves, I help open doors to deeper understanding of others.

Privately, I am a father of two children - 12-year-old Aleksander (who will join me) and one-month-old Wiktoria. Besides my professional life, my heart also beats to the rhythm of sports such as tennis, squash, and kitesurfing, which give me a sense of freedom and joy.

Today, as a therapist, I am committed to supporting others on their individual paths to healing, self-discovery, and inner development. I believe that my life experiences, both difficult and joyful, are a valuable source of strength that allows me to better understand and help those I meet on my journey.

My journey from business to spirituality not only transformed me into a therapist but also taught me that true strength lies within us and that every obstacle we face can become a step towards deeper self-awareness. My mission is to share this knowledge and experience to help others discover their own path to happiness and inner harmony.

You can find more about Łukasz and his work here:
WWW: https://projektswiadomosc.pl/
FB: Projekt Świadomość

Wojciech Eichelberger

"Integration of the Feminine Aspect (Anima)"

Wojciech about his meeting:

Workshop with elements of a lecture:
▪️ Explanation of the concepts: ANIMA and ANIMUS
▪️ Verification of the stereotypical, patriarchal script of femininity
▪️ Discovering and formulating the script of ANIMA: What is worth learning from women?
▪️ Integrating the potential of ANIMA: body, movement, expression, voice, exercising the expression of the ANIMA aspect in relationships between men

Expected outcomes:
Participants will be inspired and equipped with tools for further work on:
▪️ Verifying and transcending the limiting, patriarchal stereotype of masculinity
▪️ Liberating and expressing repressed and/or denied internal attributes of femininity/ANIMA
▪️ Enriching male capacities for feeling, sensitivity, and expression
▪️ Increasing empathy in relationships with women
▪️ Enhancing emotional autonomy in relationships with women


Psychologist, psychotherapist. Creator and Director of the Institute of Psychoimmunology - IPSI, whose mission is to humanize business. His numerous self-development books and workshops have been popular for years, including the online versions created by the company Posistive Life."

"More about Wojciech and his work can be found here:
FB: Wojciech Eichelberger
WWW: https://wojciecheichelberger.pl/
WWW: https://ipsi.pl/
WWW: https://positivelife.pl/

Welcome from the bottom of our hearts! We'll all see each other at Conscious Man!

Michal Ratajski

"Masculine Movement"

Michał about his meeting:

Masculine Movement - conscious practice of presence. It's a time and place for men ready to step into the truth of who they are. It's a moment to courageously want to discover more about oneself, in action and interaction with other Brothers. Through a lively, conscious body and attentive mind, in movement integrated with breath. We will open the space for observing our choices, limitations, decisions, beliefs, blocks, and potentials. We'll examine what is important to us as men here and now, in the present moment.


Teacher. Facilitator. Academic lecturer. Personal trainer. Coach. Choreographer. Artist. Mentor.

For over 30 years, he has been conducting research and exploration in the field of conscious movement, dance, and theater ("the theater of everyday life"). He is fascinated by the concept of "significant presence" and personal development in both individual training, group processes, and organizations. The creator of the proprietary method I_GO_SYSTEM, based on knowledge and experiences derived from the realms of art, education, and individual development, aimed at improving the quality of interpersonal relationships, including in the business world.

Currently, an academic lecturer in the field of Choreography and Dance Techniques at the Music Academy in Łódź. A two-time recipient of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship for research on the I_GO_SYSTEM methodology.

Until recently, a member of the program board of "Touch the Theater," curator of the "Dance Scene" in Łódź. Creator of the "Festival of Dance, Music, Improvisation, Contact FRU". Founder of the "KIJO Dance Theater". Co-creator of the nationwide project "Academy of Contact Improvisation - AKI". Co-creator of the nationwide developmental project based on dance therapy - Experimental Movement Space. Producer, director, choreographer of performances, performative events, video dance.

He creates a space for work and expeditions for Men in the I_GO_SYSTEM methodology and communication based on the circle formula: "TRU MAN", "Forge of the Brave", "Masculine Movement". Co-creator of "MANiFEST - Assemblies of Men". An actively traveling teacher: Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Israel, Ukraine, Croatia, Denmark, Moldova, Italy, Iceland, Spain, Thailand, Austria, Slovenia.

For several years, he has been making efforts to combine his knowledge in the broadly understood field of movement with aspirations for a simple life and continuous deepening of consciousness. What constitutes the I_GO_SYSTEM is his personal path and modest contribution to improving the world we live in.

More about Michael and his work can be found here:

FB: Igosystem
FB: Eksperymentalna Przestrzeń Ruchu
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/i_go_system/
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/t_r_u._.m_a_n/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/@I_GO_SYSTEM

You are warmly invited!

Maciej Szyszka

"The Dimension of Breath: Discovering Strength and Calmness"

Maciej about his meeting:

The breathwork workshop is an intense experience that focuses on exploring and refining breathing techniques to improve health, vitality, and well-being. During the workshop, we uncover the potential of our breath through various practices such as deep breathing, breath meditation, pranayama (breath control), and relaxation techniques.

Through guided exercises, we become more aware of our breath, learning how to use it to reduce stress, improve concentration, and increase life energy. Workshop instructors emphasize mindfulness techniques, aiding us in achieving deep focus and presence in the present moment.

Breathwork workshops often include theoretical elements that explain the impact of breathing on physical and mental health. We learn about the role of the diaphragm, the influence of breath on the nervous system, and its connection to emotions and mental health.

Breathwork practices are adapted to our needs, and we receive tools to continue the practice in our daily lives. The breathwork workshop can be a profound transformative experience, leading to a deeper understanding and mastery of our own breath and its potential to improve the quality of life.


The lead trainer - Maciej Szyszka - has been involved in sports from a young age. From the beginning, he sought opportunities for holistic training and physical development for many years. Parallel to starting his studies in physiotherapy, he became involved in martial arts, and this adventure continues to this day, which is 14 years now. Professionally, he conducts training sessions and specializes in massage, especially Work Site massage. After 10 years of intense Wing Tsun Kung Fu training, he was accepted as a private student of the Chinese Master Sifu Kong Chi Keung and was able to begin learning under his guidance in Hong Kong. There, he has the opportunity to deepen his knowledge and train with the best in the world in this discipline.

Seeking further avenues of development and improvement of his skills, he began training in calisthenics and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He values a holistic approach to training, so he trains in multiple directions to draw the most valuable lessons from each discipline. He is a certified self-defense instructor, completed a personal trainer course, and trained in dietetics.

Currently, he is deepening his knowledge of breathing techniques with Wim Hof (Ice Man), Patrick McKeown's Buteyko method, and general motor skills at workshops with Ido Portal. He is defined by physical fitness and a desire for continuous development. He utilizes his acquired knowledge in physiotherapy and during training to improve the results and health status of his clients.

More about Maciej and his work can be found here:

WWW: https://maciejszyszka.pl/
FB: Maciej Szyszka - mastering body and mind
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/maciej.szyszka/

You are warmly welcome!

Łukasz Deroń Simran

"Kundalini Yoga. Yoga of Awareness"

Łukasz about his meeting:

I invite you to Kundalini yoga workshops where we will awaken the power of the Spiritual Warrior, work with emotions and breath, and harmonize our inner life energy, known as Kundalini. Kundalini is a source of creative and spiritual power that can help you achieve full awareness and enlightenment. Kundalini yoga will bring you many benefits for both body and mind, such as:

▪️ Improved physical fitness and health
▪️ Reduction of stress and anxiety
▪️ Increased energy and vitality
▪️ Improved concentration and mental clarity
▪️ Strengthening the immune system
▪️ Improvement of self-esteem and self-confidence
▪️ Release of negative emotions
▪️ Conscious life creation

In Kundalini yoga workshops, you can expect to learn basic techniques and principles of this practice under my guidance. We will perform various exercises primarily aimed at improving the quality of our lives to become more aware and fulfilled. During the sessions, we will chant mantras to cleanse and calm the mind. We will meditate to deepen our awareness and connect with our true selves. We will work with negative emotions. We will work with breath and prana. We will raise our vibrations to become magnets for abundance in our lives.

Kundalini yoga is not just a form of physical exercise but also a way of spiritual and personal development. It is a practice that can change your life for the better if you give it a chance. Experience Kundalini yoga with me and discover your true potential and happiness.


I am a Kundalini yoga teacher and facilitator of Kundalini energy, which is the source of life force and creative power. My passion and life mission are to help people in spiritual development and deepening awareness through working with Kundalini energy, breath, yoga, and sexual energy. I am also the founder of the Online Yoga and Breath School, where I offer courses and lessons online for every level of advancement.

I love organizing retreat workshops in Poland and other beautiful places around the world, where I combine Kundalini yoga with intensive breathwork and Kundalini energy activations, as well as exploring the culture and nature of different countries. I also organize regular gong and Tibetan singing bowl concerts, which have a healing and relaxing effect on the body and mind. I invite you to experience Kundalini yoga or Kundalini energy activation with me and discover your true potential and happiness."

For more information about Łukasz and his work, you can visit:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/kundaliniyogaspirit
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/duch_kundalini/

You are warmly invited!

Piotr Matłok - Lightbringer

"Sweat Lodge Ceremony"

Piotr about the ceremony:

The sweat lodge ceremony is often referred to as a rebirth, as it frequently brings about healing on the levels of body, mind, and emotions. Enveloped by the Earth and the powerful warmth within it (symbolized by the sweat lodge), the following occurs: burning away what no longer serves us, purging what is no longer relevant, making room for the new. It is then that space is born to quickly see what in everyday life takes weeks/months/years.

These ceremonies relate to the cyclical nature of life; thus, we go through a cycle from birth to death, and not only in terms of knowledge, but we come to accept from experience that this cycle is not exclusive to our Ceremony, and then we are faced with a choice of what this unique experience will bring and how long it will stay with us.

Know that we will be accompanied by:

Elements: water, fire, air, earth,

Directions of the World: east, south, west, north,

Sounds of drums and the scent of pure tobacco, but above all, open hearts and deep transformative experience.


I am Piotr - Lightbringer. By profession, I am a Civil Engineering engineer. Currently, along with my wife Ania, I run a farm, a space that we have opened for developmental workshops and ceremonies. With passion, I create ethnic instruments - flutes, drums, rattles.

I raise eight children and am an active instructor in the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP), as well as a guardian to Aleksjej from Ukraine, who is like a son to me. I hope to bring all my sons with me to the Conscious Man Festival. My passions include music, sailing, leading initiatory and developmental processes. For many years now, I have been attentively traversing the circle of my life. This sensitivity was taught to me by my (deceased in 2020) Master and Friend, Dr. David Thomson, whose teachings, thanks to their immense versatility, are still relevant to me.

In 2019, I was honored with the trust of Chief Ceremonial of the Blackfoot Tribe, Keith Chiefmoon (Onistaya Kopi). He entrusted me with a series of ceremonies so that I could serve people using the pure indigenous traditions of our land. Men's circles are an opportunity for me to delve deeper into my practices and support others in their processes."

For more information about Piotr, you can visit:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/lightbringer.flutemaker
YT: https://www.youtube.com/@piotrmatlok6020/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/lightbringerflutemaker/

See you soon!

Michał Pyziak

"Grounded man in a relationship"

Michał about his meeting:

What are we afraid of in relationships with women? What throws us off balance? Why do we withdraw instead of facing problems? Why do we sulk instead of openly expressing our opinion? How to openly talk about our feelings and needs? How to bring our authenticity into emotional relationships? When is it worth confronting instead of seeking a rotten compromise?

These are the topics we will address during the workshop. We will examine our often unconscious thinking patterns and see how they influence our behavior in relationships. Through practical exercises, we will learn to express ourselves and open up to the perspective of the other side. We will strengthen internal grounding to maintain calmness and clarity of mind in difficult situations. We will seek access to our sensitivity to build relationships based on love.

To create a healthy, attractive, and mutually respectful emotional relationship with a woman, a man needs to cultivate his independence. To do this, it is essential to draw on the energy of other men, the ability to look at relational problems from their perspective, gain distance, and grounding. This is the support we will provide each other during this workshop.


Personal development trainer and integral coach.

The initiator of the Men's Circle operating continuously since 2012 in Łódź. He conducts group workshops for men as well as practices of solitude and tranquility in nature. He works individually with men on better understanding themselves, internal grounding, accessing sensitivity, and personal power. Participant of the European Men’s Leadership Summit. Author of the book 'The Male Path.' Co-hosts the podcast 'Book for Men.'

Husband in a relationship of over twenty years, father of three daughters. He draws energy from meditation and solitary stays in nature. He enjoys life."

More about Michael and his work can be found here:

WWW: https://meskasciezka.com/
FB: Męska Ścieżka

You are warmly welcome!

Tomasz Smaczny

"Backpack for Life"

Tomek about his meeting:

The backpack for life. What to put in it now so that the child will take out only treasures from it in the future.

Sometimes we wonder what skills will help children lead a happy and fulfilling life. I have chosen five (motivation, independence, authenticity, creativity, empathy) that regardless of whether we want it or not, the child will take from their family home in their life backpack. How to act and what to say now so that many years from now our adult child will take out more treasures than heavy stones from it? I will provide very practical answers to this question, sharing with you specific inspirations.


Tomasz Smaczny is a parenting educator and certified coach. Since 2016, he has been passionately promoting the RIE (pronounced 'rye') parenting approach in Poland, which resulted in the first Polish-language parenting guide in the spirit of RIE titled 'Pozwól dziecku być' ('Let the Child Be'). He completed the RIE® Foundations: Theory and Observation™ course at the main RIE organization headquarters in Los Angeles. He holds diplomas from six universities, and his interdisciplinary education – in psychology, sociology, intercultural studies, and economics – allows him to approach parenting from various perspectives.

He organizes workshops and webinars for parents and co-runs one of the largest parenting groups on Facebook – 'Lepszy Tata – ojcowskie inspiracje' ('Better Dad – Fatherly Inspirations'). He supports the activities of the Share The Care Foundation as its ambassador. He is a father to Tosi.

More about Tomek and his work can be found here:

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Arek Piechowski

"The Power of Masculine Presence: A Meditative Journey to Emotional Balance"

Arek about his meeting:

The workshop is dedicated to building a healthy emotional balance and strengthening the inner strength of men. In today's fast-paced and demanding world, men often have to deal with many challenges, such as social pressure, professional and relational expectations, or difficulties in expressing emotions. During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to delve into the practice of meditation and mindfulness, which will help them better cope with emotions and stress in everyday life.

During the workshop, participants will be able to learn various meditation techniques that allow them to consciously observe and accept their emotions, which in turn can lead to greater emotional balance. Through the practice of meditation, participants will gain tools to deal with difficult emotional situations and build mental resilience.

Carl Gustav Jung claimed that emotions are 'the activity of the whole psyche, the holistic pattern of the soul.' Emotions, therefore, are an essential element of our inner world. Exploring and understanding emotions plays a crucial role in self-awareness and personal development. Lack of emotional balance is one of the main reasons why people seek support.

Meditation can also help increase concentration and clarity of mind, enabling more conscious and balanced decision-making. Additionally, meditation fosters the development of empathy and communication skills, contributing to building satisfying personal and professional relationships.

Participation in the workshop will not only help discover the potential of male presence and build healthy emotional balance but will also enable the exploration of new opportunities for personal development and achieve greater harmony in everyday life.


I became interested in personal development and meditation several years ago when I started experiencing very intense unpleasant emotions resulting from a failed relationship and a sense of unfulfillment in my career path.

At that time, there was increasing talk about the benefits of meditation, but for me, it was necessary to overcome the belief that something involving only personal work could bring any results.

Due to intensive research on meditation conducted worldwide, I began to delve into popular science literature and research findings, and the evidence presented there on the effectiveness of meditation encouraged me to start my own practice.

Seeing the first effects of regular meditation practice, I began to explore other methods from various ancient traditions and meditation paths, also recognizing how each of them affects the changes occurring in our bodies.

Currently, I am involved in promoting meditation and mindful living. I am the creator of an online meditation course and organize developmental workshops both stationary and off-site.

One of my great passions is music. I believe that sound and movement can be used as a medium for transformation. Through free, intuitive dance, you can release tensions from both the body and soul and also feel your authenticity and freedom. After a 9-year adventure as a DJ in nightclubs, I decided to use my experience and skills to share a different kind of music, creating a safe space for self-expression during Ecstatic Dance events.

I am currently also a student of a year-long breath integration school, which has allowed me to discover how breath can be a great support on the path to self-discovery."

For more about Arek and his work, you can find it here:

WWW: https://www.arekpiechowski.pl/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/arekpiechowskiofficial
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/arekpiechowski_pl
TH: https://www.threads.net/@arekpiechowski_pl

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